XAVAX 111899 Replacement Filter for "Durafresh®” Refrigerator Filter, 3 Pcs

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  • Refrigerator filter with dual effect: keeps fruit and vegetables fresh and eliminates bad odours
  • Absorbs ethylene, the gas responsible for the ripening and decaying process of fruit and vegetables: it slows blackening and avoids the loss of weight and texture
  • Activated charcoal and active minerals absorb and eliminate bad odours that some foods can emit
  • Other foods therefore do not absorb any bad odours
  • Can be used for around 2 months
  • LFGB tested

What's in the Box

- 3 replacement filter bags

Technical Specs

Product Division Kitchen & Household
Usage Fridge


Note for Consumers

Remove the bag from the plastic packaging before use. Do not open the bag of beads!
Replace the bag after about 2 months.

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