Environmental Policy


Environmental, Social and Ethical Policy

We, Tecnaura General Trading L.L.C, and our Group associates hereinafter referred as Tecnaura in this written policy take an oath to stand with the UAE government’s environmental policy wherever we can apply to the best of the circumstance given.


Tecnaura has commitment to serve the growing need for mainly all technical product accessories and sourcing the right commodities which would serve the consumers at large to have the best in terms of standard and also in terms of value for money.


Tecnaura takes care that in our work we will ensure to prevent pollution.

We will manage impacts. That is we shall identify, assess and control environmental impacts related to our operations.

Our staff will be made aware of the impact our business can have on the environment and of ways that we can most effectively minimize this impact if any.

We shall be proactive in training the staff and developing competencies to identify potential impacts and implement and monitor our environmental controls.

Tecnaura shall collaborate with clients and industry partners to share key learning points to ensure that our approach is as effective as possible.

Communication is the key to safe work. Communicating about safety will be an essential part of day to day work and our employees will participate in the developmental and continual health and safety procedures.

We will accurately report accidents and incidents and feed improvement ideas back into our health and safety procedures.  We will measure our performance against set targets to ensure we continually improve.

We shall lead from the top- People with responsibility will work hard to create a culture  of safety compliance in our organization.

Maintain wellbeing- We will ensure that only lasting impact from our workplace on our employees is a positive one.

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