Social Policy

Our Social Policy,

  1. To bring about social change.
  2. To help in proper redistribution of social resources.
  3. To help improve the quality of people.
  4. To protect the weaker sections of the society.
  5. To eradicate poverty.
  6. To provide people’s participation in development process.
  7. To develop and protect children, youth, women, and community.
  8. To generate opportunities of employment.
  9. To help develop human resources.
  10. To ensure proper wages and conditions of work.
  11. To provide facilities for leisure and recreation.
  12. To help minimize disparities of income, wealth, status, and opportunities.
  13. To provide integrated rural development.
  14. To provide social security in times of danger to life and property.
  15. To ensure medical health services.

We at TECNAURA have taken care of responsibilities towards our staff members and have done by adhering the social policy norms.

How We Have Proceeded: We have employed and educated staff who were from less privileged sectors in life and brought about change by helping them live a decent life along with developing their skills for survival.

We have employed freshers who have been given a chance to learn more about the industry which we are in and have given them faith by hand holding on their KRA (Key Responsibility Areas).

We have helped them develop themselves and their families by supporting them on their sibling’s education and ongoing challenges which they used to face alone.  

We have strived to improve their quality as an individual.

We have been participating in the social causes which has been detrimental to the well-being of the society at large.

We have employed many female members to help them rise personally and develop them further which in turn impacts the development of children, youth and the community they are in as they raise the bar and set examples for others to follow thus encouraging a social change and outlook.

We generate opportunities of employment as we grow and would evolve further as a company.

We give internal training to develop our human resources to upgrade their skills for further effective work force.

We ensure that proper wages and conditions of work are given to our employees.

We provide our staff with time out for leisure and recreation abiding to the latest codes of conduct due to ongoing crises.

We engage them to come together on virtual platforms for recreational talks other than concerning work.

We ensure through our practices we help minimize disparities of income, wealth, status, and opportunities.

We help to provide rural development by first bringing about the development of an employee from rural sector and thus impacting a change for better.

We do give our employees a sense of social security also in terms of life and property.

We ensure that our staff are availing the medical health services when necessary and provide them with Medical Insurances.
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