XAVAX 111481 Multi-Function Lighter, flexible

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What's in the Box

- 1 multi-function lighter

Technical Specs

Additional Functions Child protection/Refillable
Length 28.5 cm
Product Division Kitchen & Household

Note for Consumers

Notes on refilling multi-function lighters:
- Do not refill near naked flames or sources of ignition
- Only refill with butane for gas lighters
- Hold the gas bottle vertically with the valve pointing downwards and push it into the lighter´s filling valve
- Before the first few lighting operations, wait a few minutes for excess gas to dissipate
- Caution! Keep out of the reach of children
- Keep the face and clothing away when lighting
- Contains flammable gas under pressure
- Protect from temperatures over 50 °C or prolonged exposure to sunlight
- Never pierce or burn
- Ensure after use that the flame has gone completely out
- Not suitable for lighting cigarettes, cigars or pipes

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