XAVAX 111376 "Power Pearls" Wash Ball

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What's in the Box

- 1 "Power Pearls" wash ball
- 1 user manual

Technical Specs

Temperature Resistance up to 95 C°
Diameter 100 mm
Colour Green
Product Division Kitchen & Household
Shade of colour Green
Usage Washing Machine

Note for Consumers

At least one-quarter of the amount of detergent must be added. Otherwise, the missing bleach in the wash water will cause textiles to take on a grey tint over time.
For heavy soiling and stains (collar stains, red wine, grass) in the wash, a normal wash with stain pre-treating is required.
The wash ball is not suitable, for example, to get the clothes of a car mechanic clean again. But very many detergents also fail to do this.
Do not overfill the machine or use two wash balls. Air dry wash balls after the wash cycle.
Do not use wash balls in the dryer.

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