Moser Travel Shaver Cordless black/silver UK-Plug-3615-0052

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  • Precision: Removes any stubble for an ultra smooth finish.
  • Performance: Ultra-close cut foil.
  • Ergonomic: Soft-touch housing.
  • Flexible: Space saving travel pouch.
  • Inclusive: Extra cutter and shaving foil.

Moser cordless shaver has a shaving system that perfectly adjusts to the contours of the face as well as the chin and the neck area to give you an optimum shaving result.

Set Contains:

Including 1 extra round ground and polished cutter, shaving foil, blade oil, and cleaning brush


Groom your beard with the Moser Mobile Cordless Shaver to look your best every day. Its cordless feature saves you the trouble of standing near the power source while you’re achieving that clean-cut shave. The Moser cordless shaver is designed to be compact and accompanied by a cap closure, enabling easy and safe storage while traveling. Its tightly-spaced cut foil facilitates high precision in trimming the beard, eliminating any stubble patches that might have been missed. The ergonomic design allows a firm hold while carrying out the trimming task to prevent any accidental cuts.

Durable Build

The Moser mobile shaver is equipped with a sturdy metallic shaving foil that exhibits high tolerance to weathering effects. The charging unit has a well-sustained circuitry for remaining operable for a long time.

Ideal for Travel Purpose

The cordless shaver is accompanied by a travel-friendly pouch used to store the main tool along with the ancillaries. Its compact design along with the top cap enables you to safely stash it in any small pocket of your luggage.

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