KISTENMACHER TRAVEL SHATTAF Set with automatic 3-way diverter, Made in Germany

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  • Complete Bidet shower set with sprayer handle, bidet hose and wall holder
  • Material of toilet sprayer handle is robust ABS plastic
  • Including 100 cm flexible hose (stainless steel)
  • Bidet holder and screws and dowels are included
  • Made in Germany


Colour Name White
Material Plastic
Model Name 13257P502
Model Number 13257P502
Size 15x4x4 cm


PASSION FOR QUALITY SINCE 1900 - Our history from our founding days until today

In the year 1888 a young boy named Ernst G. Kistenmacher joined his father, a German merchant, visiting an international trade fair in the city of Leipzig in Germany. The vibrant mood of foreign languages spoken by foreign people doing business on the trade fair captivated the boy immediately. Especially a group of Arab merchants dressed in their traditional robes fascinated him. The young boy followed the men and watched them spreading out prayer rugs on the ground and then starting to pray. Never ever in his life he could forget the image of these proud merchants interrupting their business to bow down in humility before God. And in that very moment he knew that one day he would visit their homeland to learn more about their culture, history and religion.

A few years later, the boy had become a young man in the meantime, he embarked on a nearly one year-lasting business journey to the Middle East and India which was the groundbreaking of his company E.G. Kistenmacher GmbH & Co. KG.

Ever since then we are following the same path which the company took in its founding years: Our main focus always lies on the requirements of our customers and the best possible quality of our products!

Thanks to this philosophy we can look back on a history of more than one hundred successful years. And our today’s customers in the Arab world as well as our suppliers in Germany rely on our partnership for several generations in the meantime.

We would be glad if we could count you to that circle of satisfied customers, too.

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