Jabra Evolve2 85, Link380a UC Stereo Black

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Jabra Evolve2 85
Engineered to keep you focused. The best headset for concentration and collaboration.
  • Up to 37 hours battery life
  • Great for flexibility in noisy offices
  • Bluetooth, up to 30m
  • Connect to up to 2 devices

Why you'll love Jabra Evolve2 85

Discrete hidden boom-arm

Experience the best of both worlds

Outstanding noise-cancellation

Cancels 54% more of the noise


Experience a whole new standard of calls on the go

40mm speakers

Rich, high definition audio for your music and calls

Latest AAC codec

Experience richer, fuller and better sounding music

Battery life

Up to 37 hours of battery on a single charge

Bigger speakers. Better sound. Boom.

We’ve built this headset with powerful leak‐tolerant 40mm speakers. Factor in our advanced digital chipset and the latest AAC codec and your music will be sounding better than ever.

Good things come to those who wait. This is the audio experience you’ve been waiting for.


Hear the difference

We used our state-of-the-art sound lab to simulate a noisy office environment, with an office speech soundtrack played back through a speaker in a dummy head. Then we tested each product in exactly the same way as the same office soundtrack played, recording the microphone performance, to show how the call would sound to whoever you’re talking to.

Full charge
Get 37 hours battery life in 2.5 hours
Fast charge
Get 8 hours battery life i15 minutes


Upgrade to business class.

We took biometric measurements of hundreds of heads to create a perfect design that adjusts to fit every size and shape. Then, we added soft memory foam ear cushions to make it supremely comfortable; so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there. Finally, we assembled it using durable, premium materials.

It’s comfort that’s in a class of its own.


Thinking outside the box.

As far as things in boxes go, this is kind of a big deal. Before you’ve even unboxed it, you’re holding a pioneering piece of tech that’s leagues ahead of any other headset. But because we have one eye on the future, firmware upgrades and value packs are already on the way to boost it even further.

If you think it’s great now, just wait…


Business. Casual.

Move seamlessly from the office to on‐the‐go, with a contemporary casual design and a discrete hidden boom‐arm that still guarantees exceptional professional sounding calls, even when tucked away.

So when you’re on the go, only you’ll know you’re working.

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