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  • Cross - Cut document shredder for up to 10 sheets of DIN A4 paper (80 g/m²) in one operation, also shreds CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays and plastic cards
  • automatic start/stop function: the cutting rollers start automatically as soon as the material to be shredded is fed in and stop as soon as the shredding process is complete
  • Rewind function: particularly helpful when a stuck document needs to be released again using the automatic and rewind buttons
  • including waste paper basket (15 litres) with viewing window
  • separate collection container for CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays
  • Function LED "Power"
  • Function LED "Overheat"
  • Safety device prevents operation as soon as the device head is not properly placed in the wastebasket

Confidential remains confidential

With the "Home X10CD" document shredder

If invoices, contracts or expired bank cards end up in the waste paper without being shredded, your confidential data can easily fall into the wrong hands. Don't give data thieves a chance! The "Home X10CD" document shredder shreds your documents into 4 x 40 mm particles, thereby protecting your sensitive data.

Data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

The "Home X10CD" is your practical everyday helper - whether at home, in the home office or in the office. Our GDPR-compliant paper shredder is ideal for shredding sensitive data such as payslips, tax documents and bank statements. The snippets land directly in the 15-litre collection basket. The viewing window lets you know when it's time to empty the trash. By the way, you can also shred plastic cards via the paper feed.

In addition, this shredder has an extra feeder for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. This is how you dispose of data carriers safely and prevent your CDs from being used or read by others. The leftovers end up in a separate collection container and can be disposed of sustainably and separately from the paper.

Secure destruction of your confidential data

by cross cut

The document shredder shreds up to 10 sheets of DIN A4 paper (80 g/m²) at once. Thanks to the power LED, you can see immediately whether the device is on. The professional knife shafts cut your confidential documents into 4 x 40 mm paper shreds. The paper strips are about as long as a universal screw. This cutting size corresponds to security level P-4 and protection class 2 according to DIN 66399. Sensitive mail, files and data sheets remain protected and can be safely disposed of.

Super practical: With the automatic start/stop function, the document shredder starts shredding automatically when material is inserted into the feeder and stops as soon as the process is complete.

Quality knife shafts

made of high quality steel

Accidentally put the entire 10-page stapled script in the paper shredder? No need to panic, the high-quality steel cutter blocks will shred the script at once - and staples don't bother them either. At 72 dB, the shredder is just as loud as a running kettle. In terms of waste separation and for the sake of the environment, it is best to remove the staples beforehand.

Safe and resilient

thanks to the safety device and reverse function

The safety device ensures that the cutting rollers only rotate when the device head is correctly placed on the wastebasket. Otherwise the integrated safety device prevents shredding. The overheating protection gives you and the "Home X10CD" a little break. It automatically turns off the shredder to prevent damage to the device. The overheat LED lights up while the shredder cools down.

You've got the itch to tidy up and you're shredding your old tax documents. In the hustle and bustle, it can happen that you put too many sheets of paper in the paper feeder. No problem: With the rewind function, you can easily clear the paper jam and continue shredding.

2 year guarantee

Trust in Hama, rely on quality

Trust in the Hama brand and thus in experience and competence since 1923. All Hama products are subject to extensive and strict quality controls: from the initial sample to the product ready for series production. We grant you a 2-year guarantee on the "Home X10CD".


GDPR Compliant

This paper shredder is suitable for the destruction of personal data in paper form in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Separate entry

Destruction of CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays via a separate feeder

Paper feeder for plastic cards

Plastic cards are also destroyed via the paper feed

overheat protection

The device switches off automatically if it overheats to prevent damage to the device


Quality knife shafts made of steel that can withstand staples

Technical Specification

Creation (color, design, motif, series)
Color Black
hue Black
product area PCs & notebooks
series Home
Connectivity (connection, connection)
power connection 220-240V~
Electro-specific properties
Max. Input 460W
nominal rest time 30 min.
Physical Properties
Capacity CD/DVD/PK/Blu-ray 0.8L
capacity paper 15L
Max. feed width CD/DVD/Blu-ray 120mm
Max. feed width of paper 220mm
Max. feed width PK 220mm
Max noise level 72dB
Max. continuous operation 2 mins
Max cutting speed 2m/min
Dimension & Weight
width x depth x height 34x17x39cm
Max. cutting capacity of paper in sheets (70 g/m²) 11
Max. cutting capacity of paper in sheets (80 g/m²) 10
protection class 2
Security level (according to DIN 66399) E-3, P-4, T-4
field of use
area of ​​application Office/private
Cut size CD/DVD/Blu-ray 30 mm strip cut
cutting size paper 4 x 40mm cross cut
Cut size plastic cards 4 x 40mm cross cut
destroyed Blu-ray, CD, smart cards, DVD, magnetic strips, paper, plastic cards


Scope of Delivery


  • 1 "Home X10CD" document shredder
  • 1 15 liter basket
  • 1 0.8 liter basket for CD/DVD/Blu-ray
  • 1 instruction manual

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