BEURER EA34 Electro Acupuncture

BEURER EA34 Electro Acupuncture

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The Beurer 2-in-1 Electro-acupuncture Device + TENS Application EA34 combines 2 alternative, drug-free pain relief therapies in one handy device. Acupuncture is a therapeutic method from traditional Chinese medicine, with origins that reach back into ancient times. The acupuncture pinots can be used to directly regulate the vital energy or 'Qi', which travels through the body via the meridians. Each acupuncure point is associated with a certain organ system. When an acupuncture point is stimulated, the function of the respective organ system can also be stimulated. The electronic acupuncture unit is a safe electronic unit that allows this form of therapy to used without needles. The unit detects acupuncture points automatically and signals this by means of visual and audio indicators. The device stimulates the acupuncure points with three predefined stimulation programs. The stimulation strength can be adjusted at any time to attain optimum comfort. This user-friendly device can be used to treat many complaints, including, Allergy-related coryza, Menstruation-complaints related, Upper abdominal pain, Headache, High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Lower back pain, Toothache, Sciatica, Neck, knee , shoulder and elbow pain, Nausea and vomitting. This makes the unit ideal for personal use. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is the term used to describe the electrical stimulation of nerves through the skin. TENS is an effective, clinically proven, non-medicated method approved for treating particular types of pain, which if used properly,


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