XAVAX 111232 Permanent filter for coffee maker, replacement for filter size 4

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Permanent coffee filters: the environmentally friendly alternative

These permanent filters are used in exactly the same way as the disposable kind: Put one into your coffee machine, add the desired amount of coffee, switch on the machine, and then enjoy your delicious coffee. You can throw away the used coffee grounds, or dry it and use it as fertilizer for your plants, or toss it on your compost heap. You’ve always tossed the filter in the compost too? Unfortunately, that’s not something you should do with bleached filters. That’s where our permanent filter shines with regard to environmental friendliness, in two different ways: For one, you produce less rubbish, and for another, nothing ends up on the compost heap that doesn’t belong there.

Stainless steel filters: a time-saving and practical alternative

You’ll not only save time by not having to constantly buy new packs of filters, but also during cleaning. After all, honestly: How many times has a disposable filter full of wet, heavy coffee grounds torn when you were on the way to the bin? By the time you have it cleaned up it’s already time for your next cup of coffee! The practical handle keeps you from burning yourself with the hot filter and lets you conveniently transport the coffee grounds to the compost, the bin, or the flower bed. Then just put the filter into the dishwasher while you relax with a nice cup of coffee, or use the time gained to do other useful things.

What's in the Box

- 1 permanent filter

Technical Specs

Material Plastic Material, Stainless Steel
Diameter 12 cm
Height 10 cm
Product Division Kitchen & Household
Food-Safe Yes
Suitable for Coffee Machines
Suitable for Coffee
Suitable for Dishwashers Yes
Set Contents in Pieces 1

Note for Consumers

The coffee filter is also suitable for dishwashers.

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