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  • CEP Compression Run Socks provide a comfortable, functional fit for athletes looking to enhance performance thanks to the medically tuned compressive yarns that wrap around the leg over 400 times to provide precise compression down to the millimeter.
  • UNIQUE COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY increases circulation, delivering more fuel to muscles for elevated performance and endurance. CEP socks mold to your feet without restricting toes, creating an unparalleled fit to prevent blisters and improve shoe fit.
  • FEATURING 20-30mmHg graduated + consistent compression, this unique compression profile contains the calf muscle and increases circulation, which helps to prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness, and common overuse injuries.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN Halo top-band lands comfortably below the knee, keeping socks in place, mile after mile. Unique front ribbing allows air to cool as it flows through to the surface of the skin, reducing temperature in warm weather and humid climates.
  • STEP UP YOUR GAME with the next evolution in performance enhancing accessories made by CEP - scientifically tuned compression made by medi, a world leader in medical compression and sports medicine.


The #1 selling compression running sock from CEP now has features for added comfort, fit and breathability. Experience a better run, a longer workout and reduced recovery time from your toughest training day.
CEP helps to functionally improve circulation by applying medical grade compression in the ankle then reducing compression towards the heart. You will experience a lighter run, a better performance and overall better feeling before, during and after your run.
Graduated medi compression technology
New dynamic footbed and arch support
Gender specific sizing based on calf circumference
Synthetic fibers with a high-end finish
Halo top-band keeps the socks in place without restricting
CEP is owned by medi, a world leader in medical compression manufacturing. With over 60+ years of experience making compression socks in Germany.

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