Mebby 95014 Natural Manual Breast Pump

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  • The breast pump Mebby Expresser is an absolute novelty in the stimulation and production of breast milk
  • The breast pump Mebby Expresser uses a patented technology of saline extraction of breast milk
  • Mebby Expresser generates a "vacuum effect" light and steady, combined with a gentle stimulation of the nipple very similar to the natural feeding of the child
  • The first use of Mebby Expresser you need to adjust the intensity of the vacuum
  • Positioning the valve to a minimum, you start to create a vacuum by acting quickly on the handle, adjusting the valve simultaneously
  • The vacuum level should be neither troublesome nor create pain
  • Once you determine the personal level no further adjustments will be necessary
  • Mebby Expresser allows mothers to continue to breastfeed for as long as her baby
  • Mothers confirm the effectiveness and the Mebby Expresser comfort

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