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•Reduces metals (such as lead), chlorine, other taste impairing substances, pesticides & herbicides*
•Filters particles > 1 μm (such as microplastics) & 99,99% of bacteria*
•600 L filter capacity
•Filters instantly
•Real time filter status: digital display shows remaining filter lifetime
•Three water functions: filtered • unfiltered stream • unfiltered shower
•Easy to clean: removable filtered water outlet
•Easy installation: without tools
•Fits most standard taps: 5 adapters include


- Easy switch between 3 settings: filtered water, unfiltered water, shower
- The digital indicator looks for the optimum filter change date


- Microplastics and bacteria
- Heavy metals (eg lead)
- Pesticides and herbicides
- Hormones
- Chlorine
- Preserves minerals (calcium and magnesium)
- Improves the taste and smell of water

How does Brita ON TAP work?

- The ion exchanger reduces the content of heavy metals such as lead
- Activated carbon reduces chlorine and other substances that affect the taste and smell of water, such as pesticides and herbicides
- Hollow fiber membranes capture all particles larger than 1 micron as microplasts and 99.9% of bacteria
- Preserves minerals such as calcium and magnesium

How does water filtration work with Brita ON TAP?

Unfiltered water flows through the filter. Fine sieve captures coarse particles - organic impurities. Subsequently, the water comes into contact with the filter mixture itself, which contains primarily 2 components. Resin which absorbs heavy metals (lead, copper) as an ion exchanger. Activated carbon - contact of water with activated carbon microparticles will significantly reduce the substances that negatively affect the taste and smell of water - especially chlorine and pesticides and herbicides, which are trapped on the porous surface of activated carbon microparticles (Micro Carbon Pearls). Hollow fiber membranes trap particles larger than 1 micrometer, which are microplastics and 99.9% of bacteria. The tap then leaks water, which has preserved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Therefore, the Brita ON TAP water filter does not serve as a scale filter.

Package contents:

- Brita ON TAP filter device for mounting on your water tap
- 1 filter with a capacity of 600 l
- One filter is designed to filter 600 liters of water

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