Xavax 110233 Furniture Mover with 4 Heavy-duty Castors, Height-adjustable Feet, 150 kg Load Capacity

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  • Mobile, heavy-duty base frame, ideal as a moving helper for transporting washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, cookers or other household appliances: ergonomical, back-saving and no major effort required
  • The flexible surface can be adjusted from 50 x 50 cm to a size of up to 70 x 70 cm thanks to pull-out rails. The transport rollers can therefore be used universally for washing machines, dryers, freezers, refrigerators and other household appliances, furniture, heavy plants or warehouse and transport boxes with a weight of up to 150 kg
  • The anti-slip surface and special reinforcements on the corners make the base unit particularly stable and resilient, allowing the machine to be transported safely without it moving around
  • The underframe protects your machine from the backflow of water from the drain, flood water up to 11 cm and wetness on the ground, for example from loose hoses
  • The floor under the washing machine or other household appliances can be cleaned quickly and easily as heavy appliances can simply be moved aside on the mobile base frame
  • Easy and safe: lowerable brakes on all castors ensure excellent grip even during the spin cycle.

The mobile base for heavy household appliances

Move washing machines, dryers or refrigerators easily with the Xavax transport roller

Would you like to move the washing machine away from the wall to give the utility room or bathroom a thorough clean? Want to defrost the freezer outside? With the Xavax transport roller, you can move large household appliances effortlessly without straining your back. Heavy loads can be transported quickly and easily on this practical roller – you can even move them single-handed!

Versatile and very strong

Instead of employing several people to painstakingly lift and carry a dryer or washing machine, risking back injuries or an accident in the process, household appliances can now be transported safely and quickly.

The furniture roller incorporates extendable rails that can be adjusted in width and depth. This allows the device to be used for appliances with dimensions ranging from 50 to 70 centimetres wide and 50 to 70 centimetres deep. As well as washing machines, dryers and refrigerators, you can also transport other heavy objects such as planters, furniture or boxes. And since the transport aid is also equipped with heavy-duty castors, it boasts a load capacity of up to 150 kilograms.

Smooth movement and stable positioning

Together with the washing machine or other goods to be transported, the Xavax furniture roller glides on its high-quality plastic castors to any location on a level surface in a controlled manner. The retractable brakes on all four castors are easily controlled using a lever. This reliably prevents heavy equipment from rolling away. In addition, these brakes absorb vibrations that machines generate during operation. This means that you can also use the transport device as a permanent base for your equipment without the need for further adjustments.

Stable on any surface

The feet of the transport roller can be adjusted in height independently of one another to position the household appliances ergonomically. This helps to prevent back problems. And there is no need to worry if your floor is uneven, slight differences in height can be compensated with the help of the feet: Your appliance is completely stable and secure at all times. Rubber attachments also protect the floor covering and protect against marks and damage.

Well-thought out design and durable material

The frame of the roller is made of sturdy metal, ensuring that you will be using this everyday tool for a long time to come. Non-slip plastic pads are also used to prevent the load from slipping and secure it firmly in place during transport.

Technical Specs

Colour White
Shade of colour White
Material Metal
Maximum Load Capacity 150 kg
Height 11 cm
Length from 50 cm
Length to 70 cm
Width from 50 cm
Width to 70 cm
Usage Dryer, Fridge, Washing Machine

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